Am I the only one...

    ... who finds this

      ... Canada Day Flag

        ... offensive ?

Looking around the city for items to celebrate Canada Day, I was shocked by this store display.

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Personally I don't see anything wrong with it. The flag we have is only some eastern liberal politicians idea of what our flag should look like and really doesn't represent much beyond that. I for one am sick and tired of watching this country march lock-step off to the left.
Yes both of us find this offensive, We are not sure how we can stop it, but there you go. Two Proud Canadians.
This is the most "DISGUSTING" thing I have ever seen. Another example of the "AMERICANS" pushing their weight around. If we want to use Canada Day as an opportunity to suck up to the Americans, that flag is perfect. If the Americans celebrated the same day, and flew the same flag, nation-wide (just for the day) because they want to suck up to us, then that's great too. If the flag is meant to denigrate all of the efforts and sacrifice of our military, who have put themselves in harm's way under the unadulterated Maple Leaf, then this is a perfect way to insult the proud members of our military, and the memories of the families. Anyone who isn&Mac226;t offended on some level by this flag is insensitive to the many messages that it is sending. I think that retailers should appreciate that they are sending those same messages, and should think carefully about their responsibility to their community. How would you feel if the retailer were selling Nazi flags? You might think about the morality of that retailer, and the message that they are trying to send, or that they are too stupid to recognize. This is no different.
Relax! I live in Fort Erie Ont., just across the Niagara River from Buffalo New York. These flags have been around for years. My son has one in his bedroom with the Canadian Flag on one side , and the U.S. Flag on the other side. We are currently celebrating The Friendship Festival with our American friends. I think it is a great representation of the relationship we have with our U.S. cousins. It is simply a token of the fantastic friendship we have with the states. - a very proud Canadian, and proud to be a friend with the USA
I think far too much fuss is being made about this flag. I have seen it many times before, usually at international sporting events where both US and Canada are competing. I believe it first began showing up shortly after the 911 terrorists attacks in New York and Washington to show our sympathy for our neighbours and solidarity against terrorism. As a nation we may have objections to the USA and its policies and lifestyles but there are few Canadians who do not have friends or relatives who are Americans so on a personal level we can and are more tolerant and accepting of these people we share this continent with.
I don't find it offensive when flown in the right context. At sporting events or joint celebrations I think it's ok, I wouldn't want to see it at political events though, people get the wrong ideas! The Canadian flag has had worse done to it, such as happy faces, masks and even maijuana leaves on it, it can survive this too. We know who we are and what our flag is and what it stands for, we don't need to be worried about this at all.
I have just finished visiting your web-site after watching the CBC interview today. As a Canadian, I would prefer to see a Canadian Flag on Canada Day. We're not going to see any Hy-Brid Flags on Independence Day are we?
I think this Canadian flag is absurd. You certainly wouldn't see an American flag like this on July 4th.

July 1st is Canada's birthday a celebration of Canada, not of America.

We are Canadians and should be proud of it. We are not Americans. If you want to fly the American flag then move to the States.

You can bet your last dollar that if at anytime Canada joins with the States, they would not combine the flag, it would be an American flag flying with nothing of Canada on it. Canada would simply not exist any longer.
I don't find it offensive, i wouldn't buy it though. Geez, after reading some of the comments of rage leveled against this novelty, you would think that we had paired our flag with some evil entity.

Americans and Canadians have a lot more in common than we think. The only difference that stands out is our unique ability to tolerate corruption, overtaxation, Canada's Death Row (medicare) and the absolute arrogance of the rich Liberal elite that have been scamming our country for their own gain for over a decade.

The Americans are our closest ally and neighbour. The way we have treated them is shameful. Now, where can I get one of those flags?

Signed, — Toronto, Black Hole of the Universe
Just caught your being interviewed by Mike Duffy re. your recently aquired American-Canadian Flag. It would be interesting to know if this was an American or Canadian person who came up with this Flag. I personally believe that it must have been a Canadian, as I cannot believe an American would desecrate their flag with a "Same-Sex" countrie's flag!! On the other hand, perhaps it could have been a Canadian, attempting to attach some "morality" or "decency" to our flag! Do you have any background to the origin of the this unusual flag? I may have missed it on your interview with Mike. Have a Happy Canada Day!
Unfortunately, I fail to see what is so offensive about this 'novelty' flag. While some of you 'patriotic Canadians' are all uptight about this 'novelty flag,' the reality is that there is no other two countries in the world which are as close as Canada and the US. That is what this 'novely flag' is trying to represent. And to be frank, I don't see any shame in that at all.
Do I find this hybrid flag offensive?

No, I find your webpage offensive.... well, maybe not offensive, but highly arrogant, blind and hypocritical.

Let me preface my statements by stating that if I were to live anywhere in the world, Canada would be my choice for obvious reasons. Also, in no way do I endorse the behaviour or image of USA.

Although I know it is difficult for so many stubborn and single-minded people, I still ask them to consider the following:

- maybe they shouldn't be offended... maybe it's the Americans who should be offended by sharing a hybrid flag with Canada.

- this entire country... and continent for that matter... is completely founded on theft and murder. This land and it's resources were ripped out of the hands of it's indigenous Native occupants. FACT. Change as many history textbooks as you want, the truth is the truth.

- out "great Canadian government", like every other world country, has been as much ridden with scandal and subterfuge as it has been with great accomplishments for our society. Hence, parliamentary records are permanently sealed from public eyes to hide the shame of our "revered forefathers".

- typically the strongest of Canadian patriots ironically "cherish" Canada's ties to the British monarchy. Perhaps Canada can be truly thought of as an independent and free country once we pull our finger out of the Queen's asshole. The entire concept AND history of "royalty" is about as undemocratic and fundamentally as anti-Canadian as you can possibly get.

- worried about too close of a relationship with USA.... tell your elected officials to stop selling resources to the USA, your fellow businessmen to stop bending over for the USA... and how about YOU.... stop buying American products. What were you doing in that store where you found the flag? I wonder what percentage (less than 5% ???) of the products in a bargain or "dollar store" are actually manufactured or even STAFFED by real Canadians?

- "the true North strong and free!!!" Uhhh.... except for Japanese interment camps... Chinese railroad slave labour... women denied the RIGHT TO VOTE until 1920.... and of course, up only until days ago, homosexuals denied certain civil liberties.... but, um, yes..... good times, good times.

In closing, my problem is NOT with Canada. My problem is NOT with America. My problem is NOT with lack of appreciation or respect for the country .... my problem is with individuals who don't have the mental capacity to acknowledge the FACTUAL history of any given country.

My guy instinct is that so many who wrote to you to express their "dismay" over the hybrid flag don't have the capacity to acknowledge reality. Just conceptual dreams.


Please don't forget it. All the stupid flags, BBQ steaks and fireworks today can only do one thing.... offer us a minor distraction from the fact that Monday morning, the majority of the country has to go back to the job they hate so they can give up 50% of their income in taxes.

"The best way to learn history is to experience it. That's what this is about." - Pierre Berton

Well then, I guess I better go out today to murder some Natives, skin some buffalo and leave their meaty husks to rot in the prairie sun, give oral to the Queen and write a big cheque to the Liberals.

Don't waste your life getting bent out of shape over a product in a store. Go feed the hungry, save some animals, plant some trees, but whatever you do, oh please, just remember to have a Happy Canada Day!!!!!


I don't even like Natives
What sort of mind could conjure up that "flag", and I wonder how many copies are out there. I enjoyed seeing you and hearing your comments on TV.
I have to laugh/cry at all the people I share a plot of land with.
This flag is a celebration of a strong bond that such close neighbors should share. A sign of community, friendship and trust. Rather than spit on this effort to symbolize a brighter future, maybe we should take a good hard look at ourselves and ask why we're really upset about this.
Maybe because we're arrogant people who have adapted the "american" ideals of nationalism. Our country is NOT perfect and the people in it are NOT better than anyone in any other country. I don't like Bush, I don't like guns, I don't like bombs, and I don't like ignorance, but many americans agree with me! Why do you spit on them?

We are a land that preaches diversity, and acceptance. Why not PRACTISE it as well!. To see people reacting so childishly to something so obviously heartfelt makes me want to weep. You think america should change and be more like us? I agree!

But Change starts here: they'll never want to listen to people who call them names and disrespect them. Maybe if we open our hearts to our southern neighbors we'll earn enough of their trust and respect that our opinons will have an impact on them. Maybe they'll open their hearts as well and notice that things are better here. That will NEVER HAPPEN if we keep up this kind of self-righteous attitude!
I can not believe or even begin to comprehend why someone would do such a thing, I am very much insulated as a Canadian, and all Candians should be. I just hope it was not a resident of Canada that did this and I call them a resident because they are not true Canadians.
It is a disgrace to be associated with Americans although they should be proud themselves to be associated with such a Nation as Canada.
I have to wonder what other Canadians such as Terry Fox, Tommy Douglas, Pierre Trudeau and yes even Don Cherry would have to say about this. I AM CANADIAN ! ARE YOU ?
Love the flag where in Lethbridge can I get one.
just seen you on news. Would like to know if your selling big flags?
I think this is the worst design ever, who ever made these flags should be shot, in all honesty I think Americans are iggnorant pricks who think to highly of themselves. They deserve a big terrorists attack on there nation (BIGGER THAN THAT OF 911) I HATE AMERICA!!!!! There flags have been around for a long time, and I've even a North American transport company or two include the Mexican flag in their mixes. It's just a way of showing unity. It's not the prettiest flag or anything, but should it have offended you to the point of going to the local media to 'speak out' against it? Certainly not. On T.V to-day Your commentator said that the sight of this hybrid  flag blew his mind. He suggested we contact "Our heritage "  . I started to think about our heritage and what has happened over the past few decades .
The deterioration of our armed forces make us an international joke.  Our navy has 40 yr old aircraft and some old rusty subs with inadequately trained crews . Our airforce has a few poorly equipped & aging F18s and  the "show " Snowbirds are over 40 years old. The army seems to be filled with old gear and 35year old overweight corporals .  Our health care system is in real distress and our remedy is stuck in the 1960s mode of spend more money . We have a major political party in Ottawa that is dedicated to breaking up the country. This week it virtually became law that queers can "marry" and presumably adopt . I am thinking that this  hybrid flag of North America is a forecast of the inevitable  that is looking more desirable  by the day .     
The implied message conveyed by the flag is that Canada should become part of the States and as a proud Canadian I resent any such suggestion even in jest. I certainly do find that flag offensive. What can be done about it? Who allowed these to be imported into our country? Do you plan to set up a petition for people to sign, once a course of action is decided on?
The flag is a great idea. People complaining about this sound like they are getting some type of government hand out or they are Liberal Red! Canada Day comes and goes in Calgary with out much fanfare. After all Ottawa has never been very good to us and quite frankly we could do without them. Central Canada has never liked out capitalist ways.

A very proud ALBERTAN.
Whoever created that flag should be hung drawn and quartered or the 2005 version of that punishment. it is an abortion! If he is a Canadian,m he should be stripped of his citizenship.
I am a proud Canadian,, and I do not find this flag offensive as it (in my opinion) represents the friendship that Canada showed the United States during the time of despair the United State endured on Sept 11, 2001. I am proud to be Canadian and to show my support to the United  States as well . I think that the split flag is a novel idea to show that we not only supported them in their time of need but will continue to do so as friends and neighbors now and always.

Thank you, from a proud Canadian living in Ontario
If I were an American I would be equally insulted as I am as a Canadian. ***
The most offensive thing about this flag affair is the kind of reaction from the "offended" Maybe its the Americans that shoud be offended being tied to the third rate bunch of whiners that Canadians have become in the last 30 years, as confirmed by most of the comments you have received. Its not surprising that your particular whine was highlighted on CTV ( Canada's Trivial Values network) and keeper of the anti-American cause. It would seem the smaller you are the louder you shout.
I think the Canadian flag should be represented in its complete form, compressed, and fitted underneath the blue field of stars. The remainder of the red and white stripes would then be continuous.

That way, Canada is properly represented as subservient, and dependent, upon the USA.
What is happening to our country Canada???? Who are the people responsible for this??? But would our Government take a stand??? Or are they too busy with "the issue" at hand????
No,  I am not offended by this flag. Actually we picked up 8 flags like  the one on your web site last summer. We are neighbours to US , and they are there for us as we should be for them,  so why should this be offending. I also have family living in the states. Anyone feeling so offended by this flag should think again. Thaankyou
I think it is disgusting that anyone would even come up with such an idea, especially at a time when we are celebrating our uniqueness as Canadians. I am proud to wear my maple leaf, and do not appreciate seeing our national symbol tacked on to the stars and stripes.

Why not reverse the order, send it to the USA for the 4th of July and then watch the sparks fly!!
I love the flag. I'm not Anti-Amercan and I believe that our two nations are more alike then what some people are willing to admit. I think the flag should be a symbol of our long shared history and our many joint operations we have had in the past and continue to have. No, you are certainly not the only one offended. I think it is disgusting that anyone would even come up with such an idea, especially at a time when we are celebrating our uniqueness as Canadians. I am proud to wear my maple leaf, and do not appreciate seeing our national symbol tacked on to the stars and stripes.
Why not reverse the order, send it to the USA for the 4th of July and then watch the sparks fly!! This country has been ruined through the tyranny of the minorities and has led us to become one of the most over-taxed and over-governed peoples in the world.

Our standard of living has dropped to below that of the citizens of the poorest state in the US (Mississippi), our moral and decency standards have been eroded to the point where only criminals receive justice, not the innocent victims, and where 24-hour porno and slut is available by permission of our Bureau of Broadcasting Standards. Our lives are controlled totally through three levels of over-staffed, over-paid, highly-perked government officials most of whom obey their leaders rather than the people they are supposed to represent. We are fast slipping into becoming an undemocratic country.

Our last defining Canadianism - Medicare - is in a deplorable and dangerous state. Socialism is rampant. Welcome to Canuckistan. A massive amount of good would come from the integration of our two countries.
I absolutely agree with your views on this joint flag.I find it very disturbing, i mean does nobody have anything else better to do, than sell these country mocking flags.What B.S. If we are so united Americans and Canadians, then why is it , when we go into a foreign country, they love Canadians and cringe with the thought of greedy, loud mouthed, bossy take over anyone's country Americans.

Let me tell you a brief story, i think this one is worth to put on your website. I was vacationing in Panama with my husband , who is from there born and raised, and who is now a canadian citizen. His family and tons of more families were kicked off this beautiful beach , and told to go home by the Americans.They were doing one of their army excercises , and apparently lost one of their men , on a cliff . All of a sudden this big helicopter came down, and ruined everybody's good time.They were pompous, and in the year 2000 the land for Panama had to be given back to the people of Panama. They had to move all of their war tanks, and equipment etc.... out of there. My husband told me , when he was a teenager. When the Americans were busy searching for Noreiga, they had bullets flying.The whole country was shut down, while these americans were busy shooting off their weapons. How many innocent civilans were killed? 1 to many. The americans with their attitude we can come here and take over anytime.That is why our FLAG SHOULD NOT BE JOINED. Thank-you for this opportunity to express these views to other Canadians. True North strong and free. We stand on guard for thee.
Yes, you are crazy
I am a US citizen with a summer home in Fort Erie. Canada Day here is the start of the friendship festival, a four day event bracketed by the two holidays. People display both flags here but I can't go along with that. I am a guest in this beautiful country and I think it would be inappropriate to display my flag. The flag you show is awful and should not be displayed anywhere. ***
I personally believe that Mr. Haig is correct when he said, Quote, I guess (the split flag) could have all kinds of connotations to it, Un-Quote. Flags are flags and they do stir up some degree of emotion and national pride in the people whom they represent, however there is one very obvious connotation that I see; the relationship between Canada and the United States. This relationship, from what I can remember from my own history lessons, has been a moderately strong relationship with it's own high and low points. However, through everything, Canada and the United States have enjoyed an extremely good relationship over the years that we have been fortunate enough to be neighbors as well as one of (if not the only) remaining open borders in the world. I personally do not see this flag as a travesty or injustice to either of our two peoples but see it as a symbol of our continuously developing relationship. Neighbors are neighbors and, just as brothers are such, can not be separated without mutual disadvantage to either group involved.
I have read the story online at
and visited your site.

With all due respect, I think that the freedom of speech trumps right not be offended, and this goes for the flag as well. I see absolutely no reason to be offended, if anything I'd love to buy this flag as it embodies something which lately has been in short supply - civility to our neigbours Americans, (see Carrolyn Parrish, Pat Martin), etc.

I'd appreciate if you could please send me address of the store you saw the flag so I can buy it.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I agree with some of the less controversial comments found on your site. We are neighbours to the States, not family. Fly their flag here but not alone, put our flag there too. Not in union as is the case with the one you found. Looking around however, this is not an isolated case. I have noted that many people fly flags from other countries without an accompanying Canadian Flag. Rest assured that you would never see this happen in the States. Perhaps we need to speak up in those cases as well.
I find this extremely offensive!  Boy, are we ever lax that this kind of thing can happen here?  It’s probably too late but I’d like to see the fields reversed and those flags offered for sale in the US on July 4.  I suspect you’d see fireworks then – exactly as we should be reacting here.  I’d love to see someone walk by, seize the flags and with lighter fluid and a lighter handy, spray and ignite them.  Would that send  a message, do you think?  And if they complain, demand they take you to court to resolve the issue.;-)  What Canadian judge in his right mind would charge you with destroying a piece of cloth with no significance to any Canadian except as a source of insult?
Who is the imbecile who thought up this abomination? Are you completely devoid of any common sense? This so-called "flag" does not represent anything perse. It is simply a visual depiction of your stupidity. Back to the drawing board, fool! I'm sure you thought you were being very creative....think again!
This flag is extremely offensive, Canada is not now nor ever will be another one of the 50 states, for which I thank God. Who in their right mind would want to be an american??
Too bad they weren't more readily available. It seems like the perfect flag to celebrate the July 1-4 long weekend.
NO.My wife is a United States citizen my children have dual citizenship for my family that flag can fly in my yard. If some one burns or steps on our flag than i would be pissed off. To b e offende by this flag is pretty childish and petty . IN fact please let me know where i can buy one.
You would never see anything like this in the USA. What is the matter with the sheep in this country....oh sorry I meant people? It is nice to see that ignorance is prevalent in both Canada and The United Stated of America. As I read through the comment and saw a lot of the negative American comments, I was wondering when Canada left the continent of North America? 

The North American continent is made up of 3 countries, Mexico, United States of America, and Canada. As much as these people state that they don’t want to be Americans, they are! If they stated that they didn’t want to be recognized as U.S.A. Citizens, that is a different story. 

All governments are a representation of the best and the worst that the human race has to show. The U.S.A. government is even greater example of this. The news will give the most time to the worst part of the government because it makes money. The Nicer side of the balance is only stated in the side bar or as a footnote to a bad story. This is human nature.

As for the flag, it is a trinket. It is a symbol only given credence by the belief of the masses. The more you talk about it, the more you make it a valid symbol.  It will not last, it is only a cultural speed bump. As with any speed bump, I like to watch for the different types of people that drive over it.  One type plow over it and then bitch that it a bad thing, after they have screwed-up there vehicle. The others see it, slow down, go over it, and go on there way.
Personally I think it's one helluva lot better than having it half Canadian and half the Quebec Provincial flag. People, lighten up. Hr. Haig, some people will do anything to get their name on the news or in the paper.
Wave on but it won't fix our debt ,our hospitals and our third nation status

A combo flag very similar to this one has been painted on the side of some of the CP Rail locomotives for quite some time. Pull your head out, Mr. Haig and see the big picture. It's amazing how many "normal" people go into a speed wooble when they are hit smack in the face with reality.

the maple leaf (those trees do not grow west of ontario)is a eastern symbol which does not represent the West. It is high time we had our own flag for the Republic of the West.

Where do we buy these FANTASTIC flags?

Great for the family members that have dual-citizenship
and/or snowbirds who LOVE BOTH COUNTRIES!!!

I want to buy 2 dozen for family and friends
One dozen for myself to hang in my Florida house,
my California house,
my property in Arizona
my lake front property in Alberta,
my condo in Edmonton, etc., etc., etc.

M/M Smith of Canada and of the U.S.A.

P.S. give this teacher my regards for bringing this flag to our attention - It is perfect for us and for Christmas gifts this year!
etc. etc.

The first thing I'd like to say is that I'm American. The next thing I'd like to say is please don't assume that is was ALL OF America's idea to make that half and half flag(assuming that is was an American who came up with it). It's not like the president and the government made the design and said 'Hmm, this is a cool flag. Let's go ask every person in America to see how they like it.' No, it's not how it worked. Some goof wanted to sell it to earn a few bucks and stir up cotriversy. BTW, I agree and disagree about the flag:

-In a way, some people might flattering becuase it's showing close reationships and frindship with Canada/Amercia

-But on the other hand, I'd find it a bit isulting too if I was celebrating Canada Day and I saw that flag

I just now read lots of interesting comments about this flag. The reason I found this site (<> was because I was looking for a flag that combines my Canadian as well as my American heritage. I was born toward the end of WWII in Dunnville, Ontario. My mother was a Canadian and my dad was an American. Although I have been mainly raised in the US (basically in the south), I have ALWAYS been proud of my Canadian heritage. I hate it when I hear anti-American statements made by Canadians and I also hate it when I hear anti-Canadian statements made by Americans! I just wonder how many people are half and half like me and are proud of both countries?!?

I do agree that only the Canadian flag should represent Canada on Canada day. That only makes sense to me!

Signed by a very proud Canadian/American!!!


This is unacceptable!

Who takes credit for this design? A Canadian? An American?

Thank you for posting this site.

A Proud Canadian, who stands on guard for only one flag.


I am as Canadian as can be, but why is this so offensive?

Are we that paranoid about the USA?

Isn't the USA our friend?

Half my family are United States Citizens. Should I not take any pics with them? :) JK on this one.

Hi, I am offended and disgusted by that flag. How could anyone with half a brain conceive that design. It's absolutly horrible! Any canadian that is not offended by that obviously has no respect for this great country of ours. Would an american fly that flag or even a canadian flag for that matter. I live in ontario and it surprises me that not that many people fly the red maple leaf. I used to joke with my mom that people in Punjab, India (my background) are more patriotic towards Canada because a lot of them have big canadian flag stickers on their cars and even canadian flags. Maybe thats something that us "Canadians" should think about. I'm a Canadian, and i'm damn proud of it!

PS: Thankyou for bringing this to our attention.


It is strange that so many people are ''offended'' by this flag and yet while traveling extensively in Canada and the United States, we rarely see the Canadian flag flying proudly from Canadian homes. However, when we travel through the United States, we see their flag waving proudly from their homes and business. . Canadians are very lucky to have as their good neighbours the United States. Look at the rest of the world with all the fighting between neighbouring countries. Yes, we may not always agree but we know they would never, ever invade and blow us up. We also know that if some other country tried to invade us, the United States would be there as our support. Why do you think our Government has allowed our military to become so small and poorly equiped. They know the United States would bail us out of any trouble.

GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND GET YOUR FLAGS WAVING from your homes and business.
When traveling in the US and Canada, we proudly fly this US/Canada flag as one of us is a citizen of Canada and one of us is a citizen of the US and we are both proud of this. Many snowbirds, while traveling in the US use this flag for the same reason. We are showing our pride for our own country and we are showing respect for the country we are visiting.  We just wished we knew where we could buy some more of these flags as many of our traveling friends are looking for them.

Instead of making this a negative - make it a positives and be really grateful for where you live.
I saw these hybrid flags in a dollar store last year -- now the dollar store closed and I wish I'd bought one. I am a U.S. citizen who has lived in Canada for 25 years as a permanent resident. I only recently decided to become a Canadian citizen. When I get my final papers and am sworn in sometime next year, I would be very happy to have my picture taken with that flag--it would describe me perfectly as a dual citizen of the two greatest countries in the world! It breaks my heart when I read on this website such vitriolic comments from Canadians about Americans--like "who in their right mind would want to be Ameican?" or "Put this flag in the outhouse."

Americans are proud to be Americans, just for their own sake. How sad that Canadians' pride in their country is tinged with "And thank God we're not like those awful, arrogant, ignorant Americans! We're actually nice and the world likes us!" (Hmmm, who's showing the arrogance here?)

Our two countries are more alike than different. We have been great friends for a long time; let's keep it that way. I will be privileged to be a citizen of both countries: one by birth, one by adoption.

I have just seen it (the flag)for the first time.-I cant believe that anyone takes it in Nova Scotia we are very conscious of our Scottish heritage.We are alsoproud of our aboriginal neighbors.All across the country we have people who are descendants of those who setled our country bringing with them various languages and customs.None of which has anything to do withstars and stripes.The red Maple leaf is universal.It represents all the various ethnic groups who make our country what it is.
Sure we love the Americans.we have family members who are American.Many left Nova Scotia during the thirties to make their living in the "Boston States" as the Eastern states were often referred to at that time.But come on-We are Canadian-let out flag reflect who we are.Nothing touches the heart more than seeing that red Maple Leaf flting high-or held in the hands of little children.
Tina, Sydney N.S


As a Canadian-born, U.S. raised, dual citizen (and proud of both) my opinion is that this flag is "half-assed". I am no artist, but how fitting that it was found at a dollar store. What garbage! Wouldn't it be more tasteful to avoid the symbolic meshing of two separate countries by having separate flags? I display a beautiful Canadian flag in front of my house in Illinois on July 1, and a beautiful American flag on July 4 and for other U.S. holidays. We should all be free to do as we wish, as long as no harm comes to others. My neighbors here don't mind the Canadian flag or its display. We should all be proud of our heritage, and wherever we live. No one balks when shamrock flags/decor abound near St. Patrick's day, eh? All the best, Nancy


I note that at Camrose Alberta the City flies the flag from the base of the flag pole.( November 11th included)
I have not been able to determine the special meaning of this.
Would you care to enlighten me?
Canadian COUNTRY FLAG-- The Maple Leaf type.

While the design of the flag is a permanent feature, the method of display is adapted to circumstance.

Whitney Smith laid stress on a flag as a means of social communication

and so it is,

but this is subordinate to its function as a symbol of identification,

whether that be for a country,
a province,
a state,
a municipality,
a civil or
commercial organisation,
or a private individual.


You can't decide what is and what isn't a flag that arbitrarily, or else you soon become entangled
in a huge mess of exceptions and caveats.



I am an American with lots of Canadian friends, I live in Florida and was looking for one of these Flags when I come accross your article and wanted to comment.

I am retired military and a flag advocate, I believe in all flags and what they stand for, if a life as been given under representation of a flag it should never be done a way with. Even tho I believe in freedom of speech and demostration, I do not believe in any Flag being use in manner that does not show respect to ones that died supporting that flag, wheather it is a State Flag, Country Flag or Symbolic Flag.

I just wanted to give my view on this and it is I do not see anything wrong with it, I see it as showing respect for each others country and if I can find one I will fly one here in Florida to show the respect to my fellow Canadian friends.

I'm not sure how long you can go with this so I'm leaving it at this and I hope I can change at least one person's mind that this is not a move to take over any country, but to show respect for each other.

Thank you,


Hello there, I am a Canadian living in Nova Scotia, and I find that flag VERY offensive. By no means are we Americans, and under no means are we there to celebrate the fact that America is only one border away on our day of Patriotism.


Wow...sounds like many angry people out there. I too, like a few of you, see this flag as a relationship...not as a national symbol. As an American teacher, who teaches Canadian history and geography to my sixth graders, I have found it interesting over the years to see just how many Canadians resent the United States, for various reasons. True...we Americans really need to brush up on Canadian history and culture to appreciate our northern neighbors more. We are a lax nation when it comes to the desire for understanding nations other than ours. For that, I apologize on behalf of our country. However, in reading many of these reactions, it sure seems like a lot of pent-up hatred, or at least seething anger, for the U.S. Maybe it's time to work together more, and stop all of the bitterness. Canada is a great country.


Hi, I'm Karel from Toronto. I've never seen that flag before, but I think it's disgusting. I feel we should stop co-operating so closely with such a backwards country. I agree with that guy who said Canada should have joined the European Union.

Hello, And Happy Canada Day!

While Googling a photo of your flag to put on my computer desktop this morning, I came across the 2005 article from a Lethbridge newspaper about the "hybrid" Canada/US flag that was then being sold. You asked then for comments and although I'm 3 years late, I want to add my voice.

Although I am not offended (because I love Canada and find no association with your wonderful country offensive) I can understand the responses from those who are. I'm just happy that the flags weren't of US origin! It's a silly and demeaning way to express kinship, especially in light of the often overbearing arrogance exhibited by my government toward your country (and sadly, toward so many others!)

Today I'm wearing a lapel pin of 2 flags - of the US and of Canada - 2 distinct flags of equal size, but joined at the base. And my hope for today and for our Independence Day this Friday is that we always peacefully trust and respect each other.

Los Gatos, California

I am insulted. People say it is to show our camaraderie with the US. At the border they treat us as potential Criminals. The US is one of the toughest countries to migrate to. They have Military DESERTERS in Canada, and we keep them. NAFTA was good, but for the Americans. They did not follow the free Trade Agreement. They bastardized it for teir bebefit. I lived in the US for 7 years while attending University. Was so happy to leave. I have American, Australian, South African and Bristish Friends. Our governement has been selling our country to the Americans for years. Don't rub it in our face with this flag.

PS - I still bleed red!


I am a Canadian citizen married and living in the USA. I don't find the friendship flag offensive at all. I don't feel it should be used for Canada Day but for any other day of the year it can be flown.

My now deceased father-in law who was an American citizen fell in love with these flags when I bought a few at the dollar store in Canada. He gave me the money and had me go back and buy 100 of them. He fell in love with them. He proudly had them up in his home town of Detroit,MI and at his vacation home in Grayling, MI. Many of his friends fell in love with them and he started passing them out. There are more of those flags in the United States than people know.

My dad proudly fly's them whenever he is at a car show over in the states and in Canada. He has had so many people ask about them and they have asked him to get one for them. I bet my father has bought a least 200 of those flags and possibly more than that for American citizens.

My mother who lives in Canada has made a patriot wheelbarrow that sits in her front yard. It is full of red, white and blue flowers and it also has a friendship flag flying in it. My mother is trying to show her support for the Canadian and American troops. I will attach a picture for all to see.

I myself am looking to buy a full size friendship flag for my flagpole. I am going to go to some flag shops here in the United States to see if I can buy one or have one made for me. If I can't get one my journey will carry on in Canada to see if I can get a full size one or have one made. I will fly the friendship flag everyday of the year other than Canada Day and Independence Day. If people don't like it than to bad for them. The only thing that separates Canada and the US is a border. I think Canadians and Americans are more alike than a lot of people will admit. People EVERYWHERE need to just get along and grow up!

I will proudly fly a friendship flag!!!

Kimball, MI

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