Western History Quiz

Win a set of 3 (15" x 22") Royal Canadian Mounted Police Centennial Prints for your school. Lithographed in full colour ready for framing. A collector edition no longer in print, the set is packaged in an attractive gift envelope.

Directions: Email the correct answer to all five questions below and we will send you (while supply lasts) a set of three Royal Canadian Mounted Police Centennial Prints. Offer ends May 31, 1996.

Please note! The contest is now over but for the curious the answers are at the bottom of this page.
Question #1

Painted by artist Paul Kane in 1847 the picture below shows a famous volcanic mountain erupting in the American north-west. What is the mountain's name?

Question #2

By 1869 Americans were moving into British territory along the 49th parallel and setting up whiskey posts where they took advantage of the Indians. Today, if you follow the Whoop-up Trail into Canada you will find artifacts from that period of time. What was the name of the American fort at the start of the trail?


Question #3

In 1874 the North West Mounted Police, now the Royal Canadian Mounted Police made their historic journey to bring law and order to the west. This is a model of the fort they built at the end of their trek. What was it called?


Question #4

This famous cartoon from the last century shows the Metis leader, Louis Riel in captivity. Who is the gentleman holding the cage?


Question #5

In 1885 Riel was hanged for treason. Today, what city would you visit to find his grave?

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