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Lethbridge ACT Junior Band

Director: Frank Hosek Sr.

Circa - late 1940s

Front row - L to R - Walter Dietrich, Emanuel Cohen, Bruce Dafoe, Maurice Cohen, Eddie Schwartz, Terri Feir, ___ ___, Neil Horlacher, Joe Kenwood, Roy Riley, John ___, Mr.Frank Hosek

Second row - Frank Russell, Bill Johnston, Howard Ellison, Bob Russell, Byron Horlacher, Tom Asplund, ___ ___, ___ ___, ___ ___, ___ Harris, Ken Bateman, ___ ___, Frank Johansen, ___ ___

Third row - Donald Steele, Ken Dobbs, Ken Miller, ___ ___, Hugh MacTavish, Don Jones, Terry Dafoe, Bruce Haig. Ray Wheeler, Rodney Gardner, ___ ___, Bob Manson

Fourth row - Bill Niles, Gerald Bullock, Bob McCue, Rex Little, Moe Martin, Jimmy Jones, ___ ___, Bill Green, Clayton Mervyn, ___ ___ L'Dean McCue, Ken Thomas

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The above movie (circa 1950 and slowed for better viewing)) shows new "wedge" hats. The Calgary Stampede parade was the big event ot the year but we would often board train or bus for events around southern Alberta

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These 78 rpm disk recordings were made in May 1949 (Probably for the city musical festival - but I think we forgot to practice.)

Recordings: Connecticut March

The 78 disk ran out before the overture ended, hence the abrupt stop.


Sponsored by the Association of Canadian Travellers and later the Kiwanis Club the band was founded after World War II.

We had quite an assortment of band instruments left over from the Prisioner of War camp recently closed. Terry Dafoe played a Baritone horn that had been used by German forces in North Africa. Resting on the shoulder the soldiers could play with one hand and still drive their motorcycles. Many of the 12.500 prisioners at the Lethbridge camp were captured in North Africa - as were their horns.

Band — Frank Hosek Sr., Conductor

Front row - L to R - Donald Steele, Bill Johnston, Jimmy Clark,, Bruce Dafoe, Howard Ellison, Eddie Schwartz, Maurice Cohen, Ken Dobbs, Frank Russell, Emanuel Cohen, ___ ___, John ___, Joe Kenwood, Neil Horlacher, Roy Riley, Terri Feir

Second row - Ken Miller, ___ ___, Don Jones, Bob Russell, Byron Horlachor, Tom Asplund, Rodney Gardner, ___ ___, ___ ___, ___ ___, ___ ___, Ken Bateman, ___ Harris, Keith Merrill, ___ ___,. Frank Johansen, Bob Manson

Third row - Bob Rannard, Bill Niles, Gerald Bullock, Bob McCue, Rex Little, Moe Martin, Jimmy Jones, Terry Dafoe, Bruce Haig, Ray Wheeler, Clayton Mervyn, Bill Green, L'Dean McCue, Ken Thomas


Strings - L to R - ___ ___, ___ ___, Juanita Irving, Cliff Palmer, ___ ___, ___ ___, ___ Turner, ___ ___, ___ ___, Jimmy Jones, ___ ___,

Middle row - ___ ___, Bill Johnston, Bruce Dafoe, Howard Ellison, ___ ___, Marion Biggs, Conductor: Frank Hosek, Jr.

Back row - Rex Little, Don Jones, ___ ___, Joe Kenwood, Neil Horlacher

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