Charles Waterton

In 1858 Explorer Thomas Blakiston named Waterton Lakes, now a national park in western Canada, after Charles Waterton.

Although there is no evidence Blakiston ever met Waterton, why do you think Blakiston held him in such respect?

Who was Charles Waterton?

How did Waterton get interested in natural history?

Were not travel conditions rather primitive?

When did he return to South America?

How did Waterton acquire the animals?

What were some of his strange adventures?

How did he catch the cayman?

What was Waterton's connection to the deadly poison - curare?

Why was he interested in collecting a sample?

How did life change after 1824?

What is the story behind Waterton's tragic marriage?

How did life change over the years at Walton Hall?

Is this why Waterton became known as an eccentric?

Was his only claim amongst the general public that of being an eccentric?

Where is the Waterton Collection today?

What are the best known items in his collection?

What are some examples of this?

How did Waterton's method of taxidermy differ from others?

Was Waterton's method of taxidermy better than other work of the day?

What was Waterton's Nondescript?

Why did Waterton create the Nondescript?

What is the story behind John Bull and the National Debt?

What was a Noctifer?

Describe Waterton's "Martin Luther after his fall?"

What was Waterton's greatest achievement?

Describe the world's first nature reserve.

As an environmentalist, were his struggles similar to those today?

How did Waterton die?

What happened to Waterton's Nature Reserve after his death?

What happened to Waterton's collection after he died?

What about the future?

Where could I learn more about Waterton?

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