John Palliser Timeline

1817 - Born January 29 the eldest son to was Wray Palliser of Comragh, County Waterford, Ireland. Col. Wray Palliser was a well-to-do Irish landowner and a descendent of William Palliser, a former Church of Ireland (Protestant) Bishop of Cashel. John attended the Trinity College, Dublin.

1839 - Saw intermittent military service until 1863.

1844 - Sheriff of Waterford and served in the Waterford artillery militia as a captain.

1847 - went on a hunting expedition to the American West and he returned with 3 live buffalo and a pet wolf-dog.

1853 - published his experiences under the title of Solitary Rambles and Adventures of a Hunter in the Prairies.

1857 - On the recommendation of Sir Roderick Murchison, the president of the Royal Geographical Society he agreed to undertake the exploration of British North America. The treasury subscribed 5,000 pounds for the purpose, and Palliser was on 31 March 1857 appointed leader of the expedition to be assisted by Lieutenant Blakiston of the royal artillery as astronomer, Mr Bourgeau as botanist, and Dr Hector as the geologist..

Palliser explored the White Fish and Kaministique Rivers and inspected the country between the southern branch of the Saskatchewan River and the boundary of the United States.

1858 - Explored the Rocky Mountains looking for a possible route for a railway through British territory.

1959 - Awarded the Patron's or Victoria gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society.

1860 - Proceeded towards the South Saskatchewan River, following the course of the Red Deer river.

1862 - Palliser's Report presented to Parliament.

1862-63 -Made a confidential and semi-official mission to the Caribean and Confederate states.

1865 - Map from his travels published. It was for many years a major source of information

1869 - With his brother Frederick in his own specially reinforced vessel, Sampson, he made a voyageto Novaya Zemlya in Russia and the Kara Sea, exploring and hunting walrus and polar bear.

Apart from visits to London (where he discussed possible railway routes with Sandford Fleming) and to Rome, Switzerland and France, he spent the rest of his life caring for nieces and nephews, in public duties such as justice of the peace, in administering his heavily mortgaged estates, playing Bach's music and walking in the lovely Comeragh Mountains.

1877 - Awarded the companionship of St. Michael and St. George (CGM) by the Colonial Office.

1887 - Died unmarried after a walk in the Comragh Mountains in, county Waterford, Ireland on August 18.

1923 - Fire severely damaged Comragh House and much of Palliser's records were destroyed

1960 - Province of Saskatchewan celebrate the Centennary of his expedition.

1977 - the Province of Alberta unveiled a plaque to the memory of Palliser at his gravesite. The wreath was laid by Mr Wray Galloway of Annestown, a grand-nephew of the explorer.

John Palliser's Exploration of the Canadian Rockies

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