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Northwest Passage -- The Adventure Continues -- Part 3 A

August 18, at sea, northern Baffin Bay ( midday: Lat. 71° 34' N, Long. 61° 36' W)

Our time en route across Baffin Bay from Greenland to Pond Inlet provided us with time to reflect on our experiences in arctic Greenland. We have been among the privileged few who have made the long joumey to this icy, northern realm.

The sky was overcast and, although we experienced a moderate swell from the southeast on the first day, the Lyubov Orlova rode smoothly on her course. We had the opportunity to explore the ship. A few icebergs were visible, but we did not see the sea ice that still lined the Baffin Island coast south of us. There is normally sea ice present year-round somewhere in Baffin Bay, drifting with the currents and winds, unpredictable but not really a danger to shipping. In the afternoon we were surrounded by fog but there was plenty going on inside the ship to attract our attention.

The educational programme went into top gear when the day was kick-started by Carl. His presentation, "What's so cool about the north?" gave us a great introduction to the lands in the arctic region. More followed: Simon talked about and showed photographs of the birds of the arctic, Eric did his best to catch up with glaciers when he talked about these moving rivers of ice and guest lecturer Clare Kines, from Arctic Bay, presented "Canada's Arctic - Life in the North." Sea conditions were very good and during the day we made rapid progress across Baffin Bay.

The Adventure Continues

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